Skype, worth $3 Billion?

Robert Murdoch yanks the carrot.

There are some great comments on Cringely’s Skype/Murdoch story tht have filtered through slashdot and now Simon of AlwasOn has posted with some interesting views. It wouldn’t suprise me if Skype did sell for that much, is it worth it? Uhhh, who cares. They did a great job of building a proprietary NetMeeting and their timing was incredible. Past that, their future is foggy. Soon we will see new companies using open standards and will accomplish all that Skype has done and much more in short order.

One response to “Skype, worth $3 Billion?”

  1. Nader says :

    SKYPE worth such value, having a good reputation it is could worth more if they succeed to deploy video in it.

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