Video over IP – Interop 101 | Can you see me now?

Hmm, no… not really.

Cool devices (software and hardware) are only cool if you can use them to communicate with others who may not be using the same cool device. Andy would know, he is getting asked to test everyone’s stuff. It looks like the early days of VoIP are back but this time in full color. Now we have SIP devices not interoperating with other SIP devices.

Come on guys, do the interop! All the cool kids are doing it.

Email Robert Sparks and go to SIPit already! The 17th event is being held in Stockholm, hosted by Hotsip. Registration ends Aug. 14. Grab your best engineers and head out, they will love you for it and you will not believe just how valuable these events are. If there is one interop event you need to take part in.. it’s SIPit.

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