E911 for VoIP – Political BS

There is a lot of fuss about E911 or the lack thereof which apparently gives the FCC ammo to shut down VoIP services who don’t comply.

To this I say B*** SH***

Andy got it right. Why is the government so adamant about E911 for VoIP when most cellular networks do not offer anything better?! Yes I understand how triangulation works but most wireless operators do not have the wherewithal to use that technology. Heck, if we are going to assign responsibility like that to VoIP why not short wave radio or CBs or Walkie Talkies!!

I know, it sounds ridiculous doesn’t it! So does this new mandate of E911 for VoIP and the crazy timelines the FCC have imposed. Everyone knows it’s the big telcos once again applying pressure and lobbying the right politician, neither of them knowing next to nothing about VoIP.

Most of the smaller VoIP providers can not afford to deal with this from a legal or operational perspective, not to mention the hassle it will impose on the users. Russell Shaw has some good comments on this.

Another good example of Uncle Sam stomping on Free Enterprise. I sincerely doubt the telcos of old were treated this way when 911 was first mandated.

I think we need another petition Jeff!

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