Comcast getting into Broadband Wireless

Interesting news, this will have a VoIP play you can be sure of it…

Comcast says it is close to a deal with a wireless telephone
company that will allow customers to check e-mail, VOD selections and make phone calls through a Comcast-branded cellular phone.
Comcast has held talks with the combined Sprint-Nextel and with T-Mobile USA on its own behalf and as part of a consortium that includes Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and Charter Communications.

One idea being discussed is the sale of a Comcast-branded cell phone that would share a telephony subscriber’s phone number and would be a conduit for a subscriber’s online email and voicemail as well as customized broadband video clips. This form of wireless service essentially could be integrated in all of Comcast’s core businesses and embrace the company’s recent calls for differentiation and personalization. Such a deal also would more closely align the country’s largest cable operator with personal computer and online products and services.


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