MCI brings biz VoIP to Europe

“MCI Advantage IP Integrated Access allows customers to evolve to a converged networking solution whilst reducing expenses,” said Roberta Mackintosh, Senior Director of Product Management, Pricing and Analysis for MCI in Europe. “With MCI Advantage we are able to provide a portfolio of services that meet the evolving voice and data needs of our customers.”

MCI Advantage combines voice, multimedia and data across a single IP link allowing customers to converge their telephony, data exchange and messaging applications on a seamless network infrastructure. The company has enabled its voice and Internet products for convergence through implementing intelligent network-hosted Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) capabilities and routing servers. (SIP is a standards-based protocol for establishing and terminating media sessions, e.g. for e-mail, streamed video and instant messaging, that are controlled independently from the underlying network.)


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