Microsoft Ups the Ante on VoIP and IP Communications

There has been some press on some recent MS partnerships with Sylantro, AT&T and others announced at Supercomm over the past couple of days. Some reporters are suggesting that MS is looking to position itself squarely in the middle of the largest provider networks for VoIP, Video/IPTV and Messaging.

Excerpt from Informationweek article…

“While everyone would like to find that silver bullet, we believe it’s not just one killer app or service that’s going to drive the growth of telecommunications services,” Microsoft corporate vice president for the Communications Sector Maria Martinez said in a statement. “It is services over IP, or more specifically, the aggregation of services over IP that will transform the way we work, live and play, today and well into the future. Microsoft’s Communications Sector is focused on collaborating with service providers to build software-powered service networks that will help them create new revenue opportunities and enhance the customer experience.”


Microsoft does not have a stellar track record when it comes to delivering for the carrier market so it will be interesting to see how this shakes out.


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