More on SPIT, SPIM and SIPS

The world of IP Communications is changing, so is SPAM. We have had to deal with it in email and now we are seeing evidence in IM and VoIP. AOL even filed a suite regarding SPIM last year. >SPIT is also getting a great deal of attention these days and I think it’s obvious that everyone will have to include some defence against the issues headed our way. The open standards bodies are proposing that TLS, S/MIME, SRTP, Secure certs and SIPS will help aid in the defence us against this attacks. I happen to believe that all of those smart people in the IETF form the line of defense, it’s up to the software developers to integrate it, for that you can count Xten in. Security in Xten product is to be deployed in the next release due out late summer.

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