Podcasting with eyeBeam

Well I thought I would join the “in” crowd and try some . I have a couple of interviews I did with some magazines a few months back so I thought I would take one and publish it on my blog and use feedburner.com to send out the good word.

I used Xten’s eyeBeam to record the clip which was saved in AVI format [AVI because eyeBeam also records video]. I then used Sound Forge to edit the clip and saved it as an MP3. I am sure there are free AVI to MP3 sound editors out there. Fyi, eyeBeam will support the MP3 format sometime later this year.

This interview was for a telephony magazine. It covers the Future of IP Applications and how Xten will play a part in that. It’s quite long [30+ minutes] so I cut it up into 3 parts. The first part is below. I will upload the next 2 parts on the weekend if I get the chance. Have a great weekend!

1. Xten History, Overview and Product Line-up [10 mins, 64Kbps, 5MB]

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