Xten looking for Development Partners to take over X-PRO product line

eyeBeam has been selling so well that Xten is now looking to outsource X-PRO development to a few chosen partners.

Xten is currently looking for Preferred Development Partners (PDP) in countries all around the globe to continue the development of our X-PRO and X-Lite product line. To qualify as a PDP your company must have seasoned C++ developers available and be familiar with the Xten X-PRO SDK. The X-PRO SDK is available for free for evaluation.

The chosen partners will be listed on the Xten website as Preferred Development Partners and will be the only referral for X-PRO and X-Lite co-branding and private labeled business. There will be one partner selected for each region, e.g. Canada, USA, West Europe, East Europe etc.

For more information on the PDP program please contact sales by filling out the NDA and the form found here.

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