ineen update: Pocket PC expected in April

ineen seems to be doing well in the early stages of the Beta trials and I have been reading some bloggings so I thought I would provide some info on what’s around the corner.

Incidentally, the word “ineen” essentially means together in Dutch.

A Pocket PC version [no video] will be available shortly, I expect it will be available in the next few weeks. A Linux version will be available sometime this year I hope, not sure when.

Users will be able to select their own User ID, e.g. elagerway instead of being allocated an ineen number. I am pushing for this to be changed in the coming weeks.

File transfer and Security via TLS and S/MIME will follow some time near the end of the 3rd quarter ’05. At the same time we are working on a more IM-centric interface so users can open up the advanced features when desired providing a better experience for those less technically inclined.

Try the ineen wish list if you want to see something added or changed in ineen.

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