P2P VoIP & Open Standards

We are starting to see some progress with a few proposed P2P VoIP drafts in the IETF. It will probably take several months but there will be a standard here and that is good news!

With Skype’s seemingly immense popularity the business case for P2P VoIP has been already been introduced, albeit nothing new. When we take that model and apply it using Open Standards like SIP [Session Initiation Protocol] the doors fling wide open.

Imagine all of the islands of communication you are used to, e.g. IM, Voice, Video.. all coming together under one roof and a great deal of it is what some would call free! It’s coming, sooner than you think and some of those solutions will be using the Xten eyeBeam SDK to do it! Keep your ears to the rails, the trains’a comin 🙂

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