Xten Linux Softphone – Big Hit!

Wow! is all I can say. When I posted the news about the Xten Linux softphone beta here about a month ago I did not expect the avalanche of requests to join that beta program that soon followed and continue today.

With this in mind the production version of the free SIP softphone “X-Lite” for Linux will be made available on or about Valentine’s Day [Feb.14]. Until then, all of you early-early adopters can send your requests to linuxbeta at xten.com in order to get into the beta program, we could sure use your help kicking the bugs out.

Early summer 2005 you will see the eyeBeam SDK for Linux [plus Mac OS X, Windows SDK available now].

We have lots in store for 2005, some VERY exciting projects that will have global impact, stay tuned for that.

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