Xten's new LiveEye XCAP server wins Product of the Year Award

Customer Inter@ction Solutions Magazine selects Xten for Product of the Year Award.

Xten’s new eyeBeam 1.1 SDK is now shipping with the LiveEye XCAP server source code and binaries for Linux and BSD operating systems. The new eyeBeam v1.1 SDK makes use of XCAP (XML Configuration Access Protocol) for storage of centralized buddy lists and remote configuration routines. The eyeBeam SDK also comes with a basic Presence Agent module for SER [SIP express Router by iptel.org].

XCAP servers and Presence Agents are necessary components for any carrier or enterprise looking to build an Instant Messaging infrastructure using Open Standards. One of the big selling points of XCAP is that it allows buddy lists to be stored centrally rather than on the local machine. WebDAV also performs this function and is another technology supported in the eyeBeam 1.1 SDK.

We are delighted to see the LiveEye XCAP server winning these awards. This is one of the only XCAP servers available today, winning this award says a great deal about Xten’s commitment to new open standards technology and the quality of our work.

We felt it was important for Xten to ship a free XCAP server with eyeBeam 1.1, mainly for testing purposes. Alternative XCAP servers are few and far betwen and very costly. Xten will eventually contribute this server to the open source community and the company does not foresee supporting this product commercially.

This is the second Product of the Year Award Xten has won for 2004. The first award was for the eyeBeam 1.1 Softphone and SDK presented by Internet Telephony Magazine, both are very well respected publications in the industry.

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