Back in the Saddle – with a MAC?

Yes, it’s true I have made the switch. Although I have to be honest I couldn’t pull the plug on my PC entirely so I use a remote desktop tool and gain access to my PC until I obtain enough MAC “wisdom”. eyeBeam v1.1 for Mac is in Beta, it still needs work 😉 New OS and new office, Xten’s R&D facility in Vancouver just moved downtown, a truly kewl and funky space.

Vonage has released a new WiFi handset and recently Fortune magazine mentioned VoIP as the technology of the year for 2005. They showed a shot a of the Vonage Softphone, which was created by Xten and not Vonage as the article points out. :-p

eyeBeam v1.1 also won 2 more awards for 2004, “Product of the Year” from Internet Telephony Magazine and our new free XCAP server now being bundled with eyeBeam 1.1 SDK also won “Product of the Year” from Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine. There will be some press releases on this soon.

Yep, it’s go-time at Xten! It’s going to be a killer year!

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