XCAP server bundled with eyeBeam 1.1 SDK

Open Standards Presence and Centralized Contact Storage
The latest release of the eyeBeam 1.1 SIP softphone introduces Instant Message and Presence capabilities to the already extensive range of features. Additionally, standards-based local and server-side storage features have been adopted for the management of address and resource lists. The free server, known as LiveEye is provided as a binary along with source code when the eyeBeam SDK is purchased. A Presence Agent module [for SER] is also included.

LiveEye was built by Xten to demonstrate the extended server-side XCAP and WebDAV capabilites of eyeBeam 1.1. Xten customers interested in these capabilities will benefit by having access to the BSD server components in unrestricted source code format. This should prove to be very beneficial to those interested in building their own XCAP Server.

eyeBeam SDK 1.1 introduces the following SIP-based instant messaging, presence and storage management technologies:

-> instant messaging
-> contact-list management
-> privacy management
-> peer-to-peer presence
-> server-based presence
-> server-managed contact lists
-> server-side contact-list/privacy-list storage using WebDAV or XCAP
-> server-side contact-list sharing using XCAP
-> server-side privacy management using XCAP
-> automatic updates to contact-lists/privacy-lists
-> automatic updates to server-managed contact-lists

A technical description of the Instant Message and Presence capabilities supported by eyeBeam 1.1 SDK and the LiveEye XCAP server.

eyeBeam 1.1 SDK and the LiveEye XCAP server are due out on December 21st.

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