Yahoo! Product Manager Waves Xten Banner

I was having a conversation with one of our recent members of our techical board, Graeme Dollar of Yahoo!, he had this to say about Xten …

“I see Xten as being the leader in SIP softphone development today and for the foreseeable future. Their eyeBeam SDK has been very well designed and I can see it being adopted by many large service providers. They have done an amazing job and I am proud to be part of it by serving on their technical
advisory board.”

It would seem as though Mr. Dollar is feeling quite comfortable with Xten’s ability to provide companies, not unlike Yahoo!, with the technology they need in order to go to the next level. That could mean that open standards Voice, Video and Instant Messaging is not far off for some of the larger IM providers. This is very exciting as it will make IP communications easier to integrate, deploy and manage for large providers and enterprises alike. 2005 is really shaping up to be a very exciting year for SIP and IP communications in general.

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