MSRP and SIMPLE = Mass Adoption of Open Standards IM

MSRP [Message Session Relay Protocol] draft in the IEFT will certianly change the way we build IM applications and will allow mass adoption of SIMPLE-based IM applications.

Now with MSRP we can make use of multimodal communications in SIMPLE. Up until recently SIMPLE has been quite limited in regards to heavy IM communications use due to the MESSAGE method limitation. Now with MSRP we see this problem solved and we get some new features like IM transfer, conferencing and others much easier implemented and we still maintain the open standard.

Jabber using XMPP [Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol] has clearly led the way in IM using open standards. With the advent of SIMPLE and MSRP relays, that could quickly change. Especailly with the big IM giants [Microsoft hosted this year’s SIMPLEit event] looking to SIMPLE and MSRP to lead the next evolution in IM+Voice+Video.

The next question is how long before we see it? Stay tuned..

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