Deutsche Telekom chooses Xten

Another massive carrier has chosen Xten to power their new IP communications endpoint. Deutsche Telekom [same company that owns T-Mobile] has bought the eyeBeam SDK for a considerable number of endpoints. I was onsite at their T-com campus in Germany last week and I am quite impressed with what they are planning to deploy, I think this will be well received in the market.

Considering our strong position in the market I personally do not think you will see Xten going forward with any new financings for the forseeable future. We still have not yet placed even 1 outbound sales call. The 5 individuals we have in sales, including me, spend most of our time replying to inbound sales requests, what an AWESOME position to be in. With this being said we plan to ramp our sales efforts in order to reach out to those companies who we are not already talking to so that we do not leave any $ on the table for our potential competitors.

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