Is Istanbul a threat to Xten?

During the 3 days the show floor was open at VON I had 20 Press and Analyst interviews. There were quite a few who had questions regarding Microsoft’s announcement of Istanbul and how that may affect Xten’s market for SIP softphones. Our response is simple, Istanbul is still an enterprise play and is not part of our target market. I actually think it’s great because it will educate the business sector which will of course help foster the growth of IP communications in general. Xten sells soft SIP endpoints to anyone who wants to buy, the volume discounts are the same for all. This is why we are favoured by the carriers, multiple service operators and large service providers.

Xten does have enterprise customers but we do not go looking for that business, as a matter of fact we have yet to place an outbound sales call! It’s the truth! Since this company started selling software back in May of last year we have not made 1 outbound sales call. We are hiring people like mad and we are STILL in reactionary mode from a sales perspective. Xten is in a very unique position, the excitement around our products and company is something I have personally never been part of before. It’s unreal!

There are so many awesome things happening here, I wish I could SAY SOMETHING!!! 🙂

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