Powell: IP Video Coming On Strong

Everyone agrees that IP Video is going to have a pretty huge impact on many forms of Video communications and entertainment. Imagine watching your favorite new movie on VOD and while watching you receive a Video call, picture in picture and whalla you are watching your movie AND having a video call.

With the advent of H.264 and open standards SIP we are going to see some very cool stuff coming down the pipe within a short timeframe.

By Ted Hearn — Multichannel News, 9/15/2004 4:57:00 PM

Washington — Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell — who’s paid to know better than most where markets are heading — has a warning for the cable industry: Internet video is coming.

The U.S. pay TV business is a highly concentrated market controlled by handful of cable operators and direct-broadcast satellite companies. But rapid consumer adoption of broadband technology is attracting new video-distribution ideas in the skunk works of Silicon Valley and in labs runs by major phone companies.

“IP [Internet protocol] TV and video are going to start coming on very, very strong,” Powell told reporters Wednesday at FCC headquarters here. “The No. 1 thing being worked on in small companies and in labs … is what I would call IP TV — the ability to put together integrated products that use a broadband connection as the infrastructure source for video content.”


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