eyeBeam going live in less than a week

The launch of Xten’s new Video SIP softphone eyeBeam is imminent. The Xmen have been working extremely hard to ready eyeBeam for it’s public debut and it’s now ready for prime time.

I really have to hand it to our team, there have been long hours and some extreme programming going on in the engineering department. All the while the Xten sales department kept selling which increased the load on engineering, it has not been easy juggling customer deliverables, company growth and eyeBeam development but once again, Xten pulled it off. I am personally proud of how eyeBeam turned out. We have already pre-sold the SDK in substantial volume to some very large Carriers.

Features available in this first release of eyeBeam include Video[H.263], Acoustic Echo Cancellation, New Adaptive Jitter Buffer, New Settings/Menu Dialog, New Contact List and of course all the Telephony Features of X-PRO.

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