In (partial) praise of IPaq 6315

Okay I got to use the iPaq 6315 for about a week and have some impressions. I think if you are a PC user, and have a user-friendly tech-support department, then this is a good device for you to carry on day trips. I got to configure and use it with my T-Mobile service within minutes, since most of the settings come preloaded into the device. The software collection that is bundled with this device will meet most of your needs. The new device is a quad-band global communicator, and can roam seamlessly from one corner of the world to the other. It is also quite easy to connect with the T-Mobile hotspots. I tried to connect with a bluetooth headset from Plantronics, with success in less than ten minutes. The thumb board provided with the device is good enough for answering emails and sending quick SMS messages. I installed the XTen softphone on the device, and boom I was making VoIP calls using my Vonage account.


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