Robert Sparks, Co-author of SIP named as Xten CTO!

Recently Mr. Robert Sparks [currently a Principal Software Engineer at dynamicsoft] was named CTO of Xten.

“The growth of instant messaging as an industry reflects a change in the way people are communicating. With every day and each innovation, computers, PDAs and mobile handsets are becoming more transparent, letting people concentrate on their conversation instead of their tools. The development of SIP and SIMPLE has significantly accelerated these innovations.”

Areas of Expertise
SIP / SIMPLE (Standards development for Internet-based communication)
Multi-implementation interoperability testing Software architecture

What Is The Relationship Between SIP And SIMPLE?

Recent Accomplishments
– Ongoing coordination of the SIPit interoperability test event
– Created and coordinated the first SIMPLE interoperability test event
– Completed RFC 3515 defining the SIP REFER method
– Elected to board of directors of the SIP Forum

Robert is one of the foremost global experts on presence technology. A true thought leader driving telecommunications standards, Robert is co-author of the most current SIP specification, RFC3261. He is a co-author of SIP for Presence specifications and co-chair of the IETF’s SIMPLE (SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions) working group. He also serves as the technical lead at the SIPiT interoperability events.

This announcement will be made public via a press release very soon and I will probably take some heat about putting it up before that release goes out but I am so excited I just can’t contain myself any longer 🙂

I am very happy Robert has chosen to join Xten! He will make a great mentor and leader for our existing award winning team!

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