– Free Calling to 10 Countries

It was my Dad’s birthday today so I thought it would be a good day to launch free calling on

Free 1 Minute Calls To:
United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore
Taiwan, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom

I called my Dad in Cranbrook, BC from Santa Clara and wished him a Happy Birthday. I then called my brother in Australia and give him crap for not calling my Dad yet and then he called him using as well.

Pretty cool! Now that they have Wifi on comercial flights I can see that might get some real traction. Soon it will have Acoustic Echo Cancellation so you don’t even have to use a headset!

There is also Free Unlimited Calls To US 1-800 Numbers


Free Unlimited VoIP Calls on These Networks:
Call any SIPphone Account (1-747-XXX-XXXX)
Call any Free World Dialup Account (1-393-XXXXX)
Call any Account (1-477-XXXXXX)
Call any Iaxtel Account (1-700-XXX-XXXX)

The PSTN connectivity is provided by SIPphone, which was founded by Michael Robertson the founder of

Have Fun!

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