The First SIP Call from an Airplane

Michael Robertson of had some cool news on Thursday…

Last month history was made. On May 17, Lufthansa and Boeing successfully launched the first commercial flight with WiFi broadband service, Connexion.

There were many “firsts” on that flight, but perhaps the most influential one was the first SIP phone call from 21,000 feet over Bahrain. That call was made by 3Com’s Global Strategic Webmaster, Klaus Schultz, to a colleague around the globe in San Jose using his laptop, XTen’s softphone and his account.

Today, Lufthansa offers Connexion broadband WiFi service on only one of their flights, but in the coming months and years, it will be come routine to access the Internet from 35,000 feet. So soon we will all be making free calls to our friends, family and colleagues. Let me tell you, I could have really used this on my recent 18 hour flight from Los Angeles to Singapore, the longest commercial flight in the world.


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