Xten Endpoints on FWD Exceeds 135,000

Jeff Pulver’s Free World Dialup VoIP service [http://www.freeworlddialup.com] is growing a rapid rate, which is great to see. I thought the readers would like to know that Xten represents over 138,000 users in that community. I think that is more than half but I am not sure. Here is a geographical representation of those users which was created today. Each red dot could represent thousands of users. The total user count of the X-Lite / FWD auto-configured software was 138,907 at 11:00 AM today. The daily average of registrations of Xten X-Lite softphones on the FWD service exceeds 500.

Imagine what will happen when peerSee goes live! I believe these numbers will seem like peanuts in short order.

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