VoWLAN, WiFi VoIP, 3G and CDMA2000 1x

3G is nearing the boiling point in Europe. CDMA2000 1x is in trials in the US and VoIP has never been hotter. Soon you will see Voice and Video over IP deployed via 3G and CDMA 1x networks which will once again change the communications landscape.

Keep your ears and eyes open, for those companies that are actively involved in contributing to the Cellular + VoIP movement will prosper greatly.

On that note, here is an article on WiFi VoIP…

Wireless VOIP Not Ready for Prime Time
LONDON—Enterprise might already be using voice over wireless LAN, but the technology is still far from perfect, admitted networking and telecom executives at this week’s VON Europe conference here.

Even the most bullish said that a host of problems, from security to ease-of-use, need to be ironed out before wireless VOIP (voice over IP) can live up to its potential and shake up the wireless voice industry.

“I believe the impact of this technology will be massive, disruptive and chaotic, but also opportunistic,” said Graham Rivers, the former director of business development and strategy at T-Mobile.


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