Skype Comments

When I posted this on the 3rd I failed to mention that this is NOT an Xten initiative. I have had several readers ask why Xten would cannibalize provider revenue by offering a Peer 2 Peer client. Xten is not offering a Peer 2 Peer client although I expect to purchase a great deal of the technology used in Xten software for this new initiative. Many of the features mentioned in that post are not part of the Xten offering. Xten is all about 1 thing, servicing the Carrier, MSO and Service Provider. I can’t imagine ever Xten getting into the P2P space and servicing users directly.

This new project will exist outside of Xten.

———–Posted June 3rd————
What’s the Hype about Skype?
I have decided to design a P2P [Peer to Peer] IM/Telephony/Video application built to compete directly with Skype. Why you ask? Because the public needs to understand why open standards is a much better solution than proprietary offerings.

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