Sentiro Launches Global ENUM Service

TWICKENHAM, U.K. — Sentiro Ltd. announced today the availability of the first worldwide ENUM provisioning, directory and voice service.

ENUM introduces the revolutionary possibility of putting the routing decision of telephone calls outside of the chassis of telephone switches and put it into the hands of end-users. Anyone using ENUM would be able to redirect personal or business phone calls to their preferred VoIP or traditional (PSTN or mobile) networks. Additionally, it can provide other forms of communication, such as email, SMS, web and location based services.

Using a worldwide available numbering plan endorsed by the I.T.U. and delegated by RIPE, Sentiro has taken ENUM from the academic exercise to the commercial phase.

+878107472 becomes the first telephone number range providing worldwide portability for voice, email, SMS and web.

Sentiro provides the opportunity for developing an open information society and ENUM is an enabler for convergence of the PSTN and the Internet. It solves the problems of portability and addresses the issue of global connectivity.


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