What's the Hype about Skype?

I have decided to design a P2P [Peer to Peer] IM/Telephony/Video application built to compete directly with Skype. Why you ask? Because the public needs to understand why open standards is a much better solution than proprietary offerings.

Here is a glimpse of what I have included in the design of this application..

SIMPLE based IM with Enhanced Features
SIP Telephony with Enhanced Features
:Þ SIP Video Conferencing and Video Streaming
:Þ Multiple Platforms [Windows, MAC OSX, Pocket PC, Linux]
:Þ Intuitive Design with “Drag and Drop” Controls
:Þ Audio and Video Tuner
:Þ Peer to Peer based Presence Mgt.
:Þ Acoustic Echo Cancellation
:Þ Audio and Video QOS Controls
:Þ Auto-configuration
:Þ Encryption
:Þ NAT and Firewall Traversal
:Þ PSTN and Cellular Interconnect Capability
:Þ AudioToons [Canned audio clips]
:Þ SIP SPAM Filters
:Þ SDK/APIs for Windows, MAC, Linux

Want something included, post your comment here. Want a piece of the action? E-mail me erik@sipthat.com

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