Vonage Softphone for MAC OSX

Here is a user speaking out about the new Vonage SIP softphone powered by Xten…

Greg Stasko shared news about a voice-over-IP option for Mac OS X:

Thought folks might be interested in knowing that Vonage now offers a software-based phone from Xten, called Xten X-PRO (Preferred SoftPhone) that is Mac OS X compatible!
I have a traditional account with Vonage, doing VOIP through a Motorola adapter to a standard analog phone. Upon reading about the SoftPhone, I opted to subscribe to another Vonage “line” for use with it, downloaded the software, got an activation password, and “BANG”. It worked.
I was able to call a friend’s cell phone in the US from the Bahamas, over the hotel’s Wayport high speed network from my 12 inch Powerbook. I used the built-in microphone and speakers on the laptop, which did cause some issues. This was due to the speakers being so close to the built-in microphone. Every time he spoke, he would get an echo. I was able to minimize this by choosing “mute” when he spoke. Not a perfect solution, but…
I’m looking forward to trying it with an add-on mike of some sort. But still pretty impressive, overall.

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