reSIProcate Working Group at Xten

Friday [May 28] to Sunday [May 30] Xten was host to the reSIProcate Working Group with visiting engineers including Rohan Mahy and Cullen Jennings of Cisco, Jason Fischl and David Butcher of Purplecomm and Alan Hawrylyshen of Jasomi. Derek MacDonald and Robin Raymond of Xten hosted the event.

There are very few SIP-wise engineers in the world. We are fortunate that the bulk of those minds are part of the reSIProcate working group. Xten has quietly become part of that group as we have made it clear in certain circles that reSIProcate is of great interest to Xten and we would like to see it become a huge success. So, we asked the working group members to make Xten’s R&D offices in Vancouver the next stop. It was great to see that nearly everyone made it with the exception of Daniel from Pingtel and Robert from Dynamicsoft.

There were several points covered during the working group this weekend. The group had to identify some ill-defined modules in the DUM (Dialog Usage Manager), which is used to manipulate SIP dialogs. There were also some excellent discussions with some excellent proposed solutions to existing holes in SIP security both in Identity [SIP Spam] and Encryption [Wire tapping].

All things being said the weekend was a great success and everyone want home happy, tired but happy 🙂

I would just like to thank everyone for coming once again and we look forward to the next reSIProcate session.

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