Secure VoIP – Good or Bad?

Xten will be releasing an initial build of Encrypted X-PRO within the next few weeks to be used with the Free World Dialup’s and SIPphone’s of the world. It will only be sold to US and CDN consumers mainly to combat corporate espionage. The keys are created dynamically and then destroyed the moment the encryption is turned off. Considering this and the fact we are using AES 256 bit encryption, it will be extremely difficult for anyone to tap these calls.

We built this application to assist legitimate corporations who are trying to protect themselves against others trying to eavesdrop on their conversations and conference calls. We obviously did NOT build this application to assist terrorists and alike in their criminal activities.

Xten is researching many ways to make sure we are not assisting the wrong people when we bring this product to market. We know we don’t have all the answers so we are asking readers for their input in this regard.

What do you think? Are we dreaming or do you think this product along with other encrypted VoIP products will do more good than bad.

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