2003 – The Year SIP Made It

It has been a fantastic year for SIP and VoIP in general. As a founder of a small SIP software startup I never thought that within a year we could would have over 100,000 people making and receiving phone calls using our software, be talking with some of the largest companies in the industry and making quite a lot money from selling our software.

Considering the company has had production software in the market for 7 months, and started with only $120,000 in funding only 6 months prior we have done exceptionaly well. The next 2 years will be even better, I am sure of that.

You will see some things change around Xten. A renewed focus on product development and a push to deliver Xten SIP softphones to every PC, MAC and Linux desktop. A a solid committment to work with the major feature server vendors to deliver an excellent Xten experience on every major network.

To everyone who has contributed to the success of Xten, thank you for your support!

Happy New Year! Hang on, these next 2 years are going to be FUN!

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