More VoIP News

IP Unity has announced that CommPartners has selected IP Unity’s platform to serve as the voice messaging and unified messaging engine for its VoP services. IP Unity’s Harmony6000 Media Server solutions platform supports provisioning multiple and enhanced services on a single system.The company’s Media Enhanced Services Architecture (MESA) also delivers secure partitioning for customers to be co-hosted on the same platform.

ITXC and ZAO Sonic Duo, which operates in the Moscow area for Russian nationwide mobile network MegaFon, have established an agreement for the bilateral exchange of international voice traffic to and from Moscow over ITXC’s VoIP network, ZAO Sonic Duo will benefit from the revenue it receives when it terminates calls to its subscribers sent to it over from countries around the world.

Quintum has announced addition to their Tenor VoIP MultiPath Switch product line. The Tenor DX Series of VoIP products addresses the needs of enterprisesand service providers. This product will extend Tenor’s capabilities and transparent installation to support larger PBXs that are utilizing multiple digital trunks.

Quintum is also announcing that shipping with the Tenor DX Series is a Tenor Configuration Manager with Graphical User Interface (GUI). The Configuration Manager runs on a PC and can remotely configure a Tenor anywhere IP access is available.

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