The SIPindex Parameter

Why is it every time we try a new SIP device we have to input our SIP settings all over again? Should there not be an SIP Index of sorts that allow us to input the settings once and those settings are used with every SIP device I make use of?

This concept becomes even more troublesome when you compound this issue by having multiple SIP networks available through one device, not unlike Xten’s softphones.

Enter the SIPindex parameter and the SIPindex Draft RFC. Soon there will be a draft RFC put forth to the IETF by Robin Raymond [Xten CTO] and Erik Lagerway [myself] which will lay the groundwork for a new SIP Parameter, the SIPindex parameter. This index will house profiles of every SIP user and will distribute those profiles to soft and hard IP communication devices all over the world.

Instead of entering your settings every time you will be able to simply point your device to a central URL to fetch your SIP settings.

More on this later.

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