Secure VoIP & SIP

The next big question for SIP is security. How will we ensure ourselves that the call is not being overheard.

Professionals from every corner are working on a Secure method for using SIP in VoIP. That much is evident by the action on the IETF SIP threads and SIP Authentication, SCTP and TLS methods already in use.

Other methods have also been implemented from several vendors which provide a more comprehensive and imediate fix for Secure SIP Voice conversations and conferencing.

Xten has developed and recently released X-Cipher which is a SIP softphone that has some very unique encryption capabilities. This SIP endpoint can readily be turned into a highly secure IP soft phone at the click of a button. X-Cipher requires a server component that also must be deployed. Here is a snapshot of the offering:

X-Cipher Solution:
– MD5 or SHA1 challenges
– 3DES or AES 128, 192 or 256 bit encryption
– Crypto safe random generators
– X-Cipher to X-Cipher complete encryption
– X-Tunnels NAT traversal functionality

For more on Secure VoIP, check out X-Cipher on Xten’s website.

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